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Disappearance of Double Data Entry after Data Migration between CRF versions

I recently attempted to update a CRF version from 2.2 to 2.3.
To do so,
imported new version of CRF.
Changed Set Study Status from Available to Design.
Added new version of CRF to study event.
Removed old version of the CRF from CRF list.
Attempted to migrate the data from the old CRF version to the new CRF version.
Received OC error message that study target OID was incorrect.
Restored old version of CRF.
Attempted again to migrate.
Received OC error message that study target OID was incorrect.
Changed Set Study Status from Design to Available.
Attempted again to migrate.
Migration successful except all double data entry had been lost.
Status for CRF across events was initial data entry completed (however previously most had double data entry completed).
Removed old CRF version.
Status for CRF across events remained initial data entry completed.
Double data entry lost though had been performed for all except 2 CRFs.

Has anyone run into this issue?
I am assuming that I now have to manually re-complete double data entry, but if you have a different solution, please let me know.



  • llm19.case.edullm19.case.edu Posts: 31
    I entered into the CRF to do the double data entry.
    Upon editing the CRF, CRF appears with all of the data for initial data entry completed, but the CRF completed option at the end of the CRF is unchecked.
    Checked CRF completed option.
    CRF now appears in double data entry status.
    Manually re-entered data for double data entry.
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