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Customized Pre-Populated Subject IDs

Dear All,
I would like to have customized subject IDs that are automated by OpenClinica when sites add new subjects.
I am running a multi-center trial, where I want the Subject ID to indicate the site.
For Example, when Site XX enters a new subject, I want the ID to look something like: XX01 indicating Site XX and First patient at Site XX.

Is this possible?

I am a non-technical user of the OC community edition v. 3.14

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,



  • bfarrowbfarrow Posts: 30 admin
    Hi Silke -

    There may be a way of enforcing a naming convention like this in 3.14, using Javascript. If there is, one of the technical users here would almost certainly know it and can pass along their recommendation.

    Our cloud-hosted version, OC4, supports this capability: http://blog.openclinica.com/2018/09/14/configurable-roles-participant-limits-and-more-now-part-of-oc4/

    Bryan Farrow
    eClinical Catalyst at OpenClinica
    (It's my job to tell the eClinical world what we've done and what we're doing, and to learn what else is needed in that world to get better data faster.)
  • sroeddersroedder Posts: 25
    Dear Bryan,
    thanks so much for the info. I am using the open source OpenClinica, thus any recommendations would be very helpful.

    Thanks again,

  • forifori Posts: 8
    via Email
    Hello Silke,

    there is a webservice for adding subjects to a site. (see https://docs.openclinica.com/3.1/technical-documents/openclinica-web-services-guide/studysubject-web-service )

    We developed a simple webapp called Subject-ID Generator using Grails.

    If a user registers a new proband he has to select the appropriate site. The webapp the generates the next Subject-ID with a site specific prefix.
    prefixes can be configured for each site.

    Our implementation needs RO-Access to the OC-DB due to the fact we need to pull user rights, user auth and some study parameters from OC-DB

  • sroeddersroedder Posts: 25
    via Email
    Hi Florian,

    Thanks so much. Your info is helpful.
    I have to first install the web service. Is there any guidance on how to do that?

    Thanks again,

  • sroeddersroedder Posts: 25
    Dear Florian, and All
    I successfully installed the WebService and experimenting with WebApp for Create Study Subject. How do you generate prefixes for each subject?

    Thanks so much for your help.
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