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Hi everyone!

The example:

11. (F11)
a. Yes
b. No ------- > Go to Question 13 a
c. N/A -------> End of questionnaire
12. (F12) (display only when F11 => a.Yes)
13. (F13) (display when F11=>a.Yes OR F11=>b.No)

Can you please kindly help me if I can set for a field SIMPLE_CONDITIONAL_DISPLAY with multiple conditions?
In my case, the field is F13, which should be displayed either when F11=>a.Yes OR F11=>b.No.




  • lkeitalkeita Posts: 50
    via Email

    The key word in "simple conditional display" is "simple" - meaning that
    only one condition can be provided. If you have multiple conditions (as in
    your example), you can set the item display status to HIDE, remove the
    simple conditional display, and instead write a SHOW rule to show that item
    when either condition is met.

    Best regards,


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  • khurshedkhurshed Posts: 12
    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the answer!

    Kind regards,
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