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Partial Date Edit Check


Is there a way to check partial dates to ensure that end date is not prior to start date? Both fields are on the same CRF.



  • Malcolm HartMalcolm Hart Posts: 8
    Hi Daniel

    You cannot use the < > operators in XML rules to compare a partial date with another date. Although OC will happily let you import the rule without a murmur, and it won't say anything when the rule is summoned during data entry, if you try to test the rule you'll get the following:

    Rule Validation: Valid

    Expression Evaluates To: FAIL OCRERR_0001 : Logic Error, I_ID004_CONDITION_ENDPDATE and _CURRENT_DATE cannot be used with the GREATER_THAN operator.

    Actions Fired: N

    Ran in: 0.001 seconds

    Action Summary: No actions will be executed

    Not sure how a rule can be considered "valid" if it features an illegal syntax, but there you go. I haven't found any documentation that mentions this hidden pitfall either. All a bit underwhelming really.
  • Malcolm HartMalcolm Hart Posts: 8
    By "< >" I mean of course gt, gte, lt and lte.
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