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REST: getting items from other events

Hi everyone, we are experiencing problems using the http://www.trialdatasolutions.com/tds/howto/itemsfromotherevents.jsp solution in getting items from other events at SITE level instead of STUDY LEVEL.
In broader terms, if a user is enlisted both at STUDY and SITE level, s/he will be able to view the data pulled from fields in other events. If a user is enlisted only at SITE level, whatever the role, s/he will not be able to view this data.
The URL does not in fact discriminate between STUDY and SITE, it is only STUDY.
Is there any solution to this problem?


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  • a_piccirilloa_piccirillo Posts: 13
    Accepted Answer
    Hi @toskrip and @GerbenRienk, following your suggestions I came up with this solution:

    var urlStart = "rest/clinicaldata/xml/view/${studyOID}/${studySubjectOID}";
    var urlTail = "/SE_002MYEVENT/*";
    var itemOID = "I_02AAA_MYITEM";
    var urlComplete = urlStart + urlTail;

    which is working.


  • a_piccirilloa_piccirillo Posts: 13
    Thanks toskrip for both the indication and the timeliness. I've made a quick test directly on the URL, picking the StudyOID at Site level and it seems to work: it retrieves at least the XML that needs to be parsed.
    I will have to work on the jscript to make the urlstart end bit a variable and test it again.
    I will let you know.
  • a_piccirilloa_piccirillo Posts: 13
    Thanks Gerben for this further addition.
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