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Failed Validation Check on items if previous event was not "completed"

Hi everyone,
I've searched through several relevant topics on the forum but either I was not thorough enough or the issue has not been raised yet, I could not find any answers to my question.
The question is: I need to be sure all crfs in event A are marked as completed (thereby making event A completed itself), before crf X (Randomization typically) in event B is marked as completed. To that purpose I would like to place on key items of crf X a control/rule that would alert me if I'm trying to save (either simply or marking crf as complete) with a failed validation check. Is it possible? I tried borrowing the NotificationAction and EventAction "SE_OID.STATUS ne "completed"" but it will not work: it actually does not even upload the XML.
Is there any other option, be it XML or whatever?
Thanks aplenty.


  • a_piccirilloa_piccirillo Posts: 13
    edited March 2019
    Just to make it clearer, my solution was:
    "<"RuleDef OID="RELG008" Name="01ELG_008">"
    "<"Expression">"I_01ELG_ELGSDATARND ne "" and SE_001SCREENING.STATUS ne "completed""<"/Expression">"
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