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Spurious 'Missing data in a required field' errors

Malcolm HartMalcolm Hart Posts: 21
edited September 2019 in Study Build, Rules, and CRFs
OpenClinica 3.7

I have just created a CRF that contains approx 130 items (62 of which are mandatory), including 5 'addable' tables (GRIDs), 6 hidden items and, at the moment, 3 rules.

When I entered data to test it, I completed all of the fields correctly and revealed and completed as many hidden fields as possible. However, when I clicked 'save', OC displayed the red '[Missing data in a required field.]' message 13 times. No fields are highlighted as being the cause of this, and I am at a loss as to what the cause may be.

It may be coincidental but the width of the longest table is also 13 items. I'm aware of a bug in which the next row of a table may be causing 'Missing data' errors but this does not appear to be the case here. Has anyone else seen this, or have any idea as to how to fix it?




  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,340 ✭✭✭
    Why do you use an outdated version of OC. Try OC 3.14!

  • Because each upgraded version would have needed to be revalidated, which is not a trivial task, or so I'm told. It'll happen at some point soon.

    Your answer suggests that this is a bug in 3.7. Thanks, but why not just say so? Perhaps provide a workaround if you know one?
  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 279 ✭✭✭
    Hi Malcolm,

    there is a bug in OC (pretty sure it is in 3.7) where if you have an item2 which visibily is controled by previous item1 (with simple conditional logic) directly above your grid2 (configured as hidden). When item2 is shown based on answer of item1, the visibility propagates to the gird2 (programatically; even if it stays hidden for user). For OC then grid2 appiers (internally) to be visibe and asks for enter of required items (however for users it is hidden).

    the only way of preventing this (as far as I know) is to setup the layout of eCRF in a way that this bug condition is not triggered (e.g. move item2 below the gird).


  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,340 ✭✭✭
    If you have validated ver 7 then it is not so difficult to validate version 3.14.
    It would probably by crtizised my an auditor that you are using an outdated version.


  • Thanks Tomas, that was it; there was a hidden item immediately before the table. I ended up inserting a dummy question (a blank checkbox) between the two items, which seems to fix the issue but looks properly ugly. Fortunately this isn't going to be a patient-facing CRF. Zero marks for error trapping though, OpenClinica.

    Krister, I think the other reason for not upgrading is software resources (a new version of PHP required?) and related to that probably the hardware environment would need upgrading as well. It'd be a lot of work to upgrade just OC. That's all out of my hands anyway and is not my area. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Best regards

  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,340 ✭✭✭
    Since we run everything under Windos and I have no exeorience with Linux i can not comment upon the need for PHP versions and hardware upgrades,
    Good luck!
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