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A warning according to single-select in group-layout 'grid'

Hi all,
it's possible to display a warning like trialdatasolutions.com/tds/howto/warning.jsp for a single-select field at the GROUP_LAYOUT 'grid'? In another discussion I had seen that the code "var fieldToCheck = $("#MessageDiv").parent().parent().find("input");" must change to "var fieldToCheck = $("#MessageDiv").parent().parent().find("select");". Apparently, it doesn't work for grid.

Any idea?
Best regards


  • GerbenRienkGerbenRienk Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
    Hi Joerg,
    It would be slightly different from what's on the page you cite. First of all you would have to add a div next to the inputs that you want to refer. You can do this using .after and the same construct is described in http://www.trialdatasolutions.com/tds/howto/deselectradio.jsp scroll to the paragraph titled "but I need this in a repeating item group".
    If you need extra assistance in this, please let me know.
    Kind regards,
    Gerben Rienk
  • kksbkksb Posts: 13
    Hi Gerben,

    thanks a lot for your comment.
    I will try it ...

    Kind regards
    Jörg Bendig
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