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What are the feature mobile app should have in 2020?

The demand for mobile apps is growing day by day and new features and technologies are came in market in lighting speed. Every mobile app has a different feature than others and if you don't have a basic feature in a mobile app than your daily app user and monthly app user may decrease.

So What the basic feature a mobile app should have? To stay competitive in the market. Anyone with list of features. that every mobile app should have?


  • cherishpletocherishpleto Posts: 1
    Mobile App industry is one of the most diversifying domains in the market, although features that were in the trend a few years back would not be working anymore, that is what mobile apps are.

    Kept changing their characteristics according to consumer's demands and requirements of features in the mobile apps.

    Even, developers are so flexible nowadays, whenever some new movement rolls out in the app market, they welcome those trends with open arms in their mobile app development features and requirements to leverage in the digital product.

    From my professional experience of mobile/web and software application development for 4+ years, I have figured out after researching a bit about the features and requirements that we need to put in the next app development process.

    However, below are some of the features that I found after analyzing the 2020 statistics for the mobile app market.
    • No More Excessive Push Notification
    • Responsive Designs for Various Devices
    • Incorporated Voice Search Feature
    • Offline Working Capabilities
    • Social Media Stats
    • Clear Navigation
    • User's Feedback
    • Privacy Policies for Security
    • Real-time Use
    • Lastly, Regular Updates
    These above are the updates, that too confirmed by the veteran mobile app developers to add to mobile and even in the web and software application as well.

    The features that I mentioned are the basics comparing with mobile apps, but these will be the necessity of every other mobile app if the brands are planning to get recognition from a specific niche and good revenue at the end of the year.
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