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Function Ranges/Validation/Query Question

From: Gardner, Suzette
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 2:26 PM
To: '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'
Subject: Function Ranges/Validation/Query Question
Importance: High

Hi –

I am trying to set up my CRF so that my lab values will query and the out of range values will still be accepted. I know the operators lte & gte are acceptable per your user rules, but don’t see an example for setting up the function within the validation category. I would greatly appreciate any help. I’ve attached a CRF for your review & also one of my validation/validation error for a typical lab entry:


Please enter a chem_sodium between 2.5 and 5.1

Please enter a chem_chloride between 98 and 107

Please enter a chem_CO2 between 18 and 29

Please enter a chem_glucose between 70 and 150

Again, I would like to specify a lab normal range, but have the system submit a query for low/high lab values. Look forward to hearing from you soon.



  • Paul GalvinPaul Galvin Posts: 886
    Please let me know if my understanding is correct.
    You say you want to query the out of range values, but then accept them. I understand this to mean that when a user enters 7.3 in your first example, the data actually gets accepted and the user can move on but a discrepancy note is automatically added. Is that correct?
    If so, there is no way to currently do that in the CRF Template. If the user wants to move on, they have to manually enter a discrepancy note after the validation has been run and they have received the error message for it being out of range.
    If my understanding is incorrect, please let me know.
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