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HA: [Users] Extract Data Question

Dear Dr. Vanchiere,

There is a SQL function that needs to run on the back end, generating a temporary table in Postgres, before data can be extracted from the system. What is your operating system?

Here are part of the instructions that state how to run it and how to make sure it runs automatically on your system in windows: http://www.openclinica.org/pipermail/users/2006-June/000025.html

Here is a similar thread, describing the process in Linux: http://www.openclinica.org/pipermail/users/2007-August/000224.html

Hope this helps, Tom Hickerson


  • Dear Dr. Vanchiere,

    There is a paragraph about the initial set up of the data warehouse in the install documentation provided with the download, but a support package would allow you to get more information. I would recommend contacting Ben Baumann to get more thorough information as to what is for free and what is available through an enterprise contract.

    Best, Tom Hickerson
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